Final Project of Primary Six

Unjuk Kerja dan Karya (UKK) Al Azhar 52 Islamic Primary School Sidoarjo 2023

In accordance with the competency standards for elementary school graduates, primary school graduates must accomplished 2023 / 2024 graduation standards. Based on the considerations above, it is deemed necessary to hold students’ workshop practical exams, all of the event were prepared by the students. Starting from the formation of the committee, performers, to the directors on the day, the students organized it themselves. The theme of students’ workshop is Fostering a Culture of Collaboration. For this purpose, it is necessary to create a mature program so that implementation in the field can meet the expected targets.

Saturday, December 9th, 2023 is a big day for grade 6 of Al Azhar 52 Islamic Primary School Sidoarjo. Based on school event schedule, there is Unjuk Kerja dan Karya (UKK) as Ujian Praktek which started at 07.00 – 11.00 a.m. That big event attendance by students of grade 6, teachers, and parents. UKK is new innovation for grade 6 students as one of the requires student graduation in addition to the School Examination which will be held starting on May 6, 2024. They are expected to be able to work in groups and create creative and innovative main and mini workshop that are useful for society.

Arrum Zamrud Machrita as Chair of the Unjuk Kerja dan Karya (UKK) of Al Azhar 52 Islamic Primary School Sidoarjo 2023/2024 academic year who also as a grade VI homeroom teacher which began with the submission of an activity program. Technical Implementation Unjuk Kerja dan Karya (UKK) is divided by 12 groups which each of the group will be guide by a tutor to prepare their own necessary until the big day.

Behind great event there is good teamwork which are tamyiz A group consists of Rorry, Kevin, Rayhan, Beby, Biyu. Tamyiz B group consists of Daffa, Syahidan, Marsya, Fizha, Reza. Coding group consists of Aru, Alma, Addreena, Najwa, Rifqi. Editing Video group consists of Aland, Khanza, Maya, Azka, Rafay. Usher group consists of Kaka, William, Satriyo, Arfan. Experiment A group consists of Sakhi, Darel, Nauralya, Fela, Makayla. Experiment B group consists of Vian, Lody, Talita, Mauryn, Calya. Consumtion group consists of Nabila, Cilla, Aisha. Publication group consists of Zaki, Gandis, Leandra. Front line group consists of Annisa, Naura. The last group is peformer consists of Kiki, Zahra, Nayla, Ihan, Rizky, Mahesa, Nuris.

“Coaching by accompanying by tutor for each group has started since October 2022. Guidance for each group consisting of five until six students is carried out by one supervising teacher as the main supervisor and the class VI homeroom teacher as the second supervisor. The celebration and presentation activities were the highlight of the event,” said Arrum. Apart from that, it is the right time to show students’ best presentation in front of all the teachers, friends and also the parents and guardians of class VI students.

UKK is a event for students to gain knowledge and gain learning experience working together in groups, collaborating, thinking creatively and critically, communicating, and conducting research in simple forms. Rahayu Elfiyanti, as supervisor, explained that the students showed off their skills, made presentations, and at the same time showed off the best work of each group which had been designed and completed within a period of 2 months. “Hopefully the experience during the UKK can be used as a provision at the junior high school level,” she added.

Dokumentation Unjuk Kerja dan Karya (UKK)

Gambar 1.1 Mini Workshop Editing Video
Gambar 1.2 Mini Workshop Fun Experiment
Gambar 1.3 Mini Workshop Tamyiz Class
Gambar 1.4 Asix Ocean Generation
Gambar 1.5 Main Workshop (Research)
Gambar 1.5 Sing a Song Indonesia Raya
Gambar 1.7 Main Workshop MC UKK

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